The history of Diamantis Group starts in 1989, when the first element made of stainless steel, opened the way for chimney and chimney flue systems production and lead throughout all these year to an industry in the first line, designing and producing a wide range of chimneys, air ducts, chimney flue systems, heating and cooling residential and industrial systems, as well as urban furnishings and lately, outdoor led lighting systems.

Know how

We are steadily investing in technological equipment and human resources. We are monitoring the development in the use of different materials, continuous research in product development and enrichment of new series which lead to a more effective market needs fulfilment.
Special architectural needs in the construction as well as for aesthetic reasons, have established Diamantis Group as a top company for professionals and consumers as well.


From the simplest tube to the most sophisticated twin-wall industrial systems, our experience, professionalism, technical knowledge and capacities, guarantee an excellent outcome, functional, aesthetically full, long lasting with respect to legislation and the environment.
Our commitment to those principles have given Diamantis Group its production certification with a series of international certificates such as ISO 9001:2008 by Q-CERT as well as CE 1856 1-2.


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