HI-LINE GAS 0.4mm-0.5mm

HI-LINE CERAMIC 0.4mm-0.5mm

HI-LINE CE 0.5mm



The twin-wall systems with insulation, produced by Diamantis Group have a CE certification and are manufactured under the most strict European standards according to 1856 1-2 and ΕΛΟΤ 1856 1-2. I order to keep those strict standards Diamantis Group produces unique chimney ranges not only for the local market, in order to meet all needs, with a rich range for home, industrial or specialized use and for all kinds of liquid, solid or gas fuel. As for installations for boiler operation with solid fuel and for which technical specifications are not available, it is recommend in any case to keep the safety instructions in the regulations that refer to smoke exhaust from boilers operating with gas or diesel.


The surface of the flue system must be at least twice bigger than the surface of the incision of the chimney and it must be installed in a higher level of the last edge of the roof.


Any deviation of the vertical course of the chimney must be avoided. If this is not possible then it is recommended to use only one deviation with 45⁰ angles and not 90⁰.


Some kinds of fire-places that have an alternative temperature reduction, develop extremely high temperatures in their flue gas, which are sometimes higher than 500⁰C and therefore their accessible parts become extremely dangerous if they contact combustible materials or humans. Special armouring or special elements with extra insulation should be used. In cases where chimneys pass through concrete panels or wooden roofs, it is recommended to conduct a special study for the appropriate solutions. Diamantis Group Technical Department can find such solutions.

Inspection and Collection of incombustible minerals

The system must have in the base of the connecting spare part T, an element of at least 50cm in order to hold the soot and the incombustible minerals and thus ensure the proper operation of the system.