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Useful advice for the first boiler, fireplace or stove burning:

Usually during summer, birds may build their nests on the chimney, though without blocking it thoroughly, giving thus the impression that the chimney operates right,  during its first burning.

Therefore an inspection control should take place in order to prevent the risk of exhaust blocking and chimney burning which might cause accidents, sometimes fatal.  The procedure we propose is that qualified personnel must check and inspect the system before its first burning and the findings should be written in the construction service book.


Stainless steel chimney cleaning, must not be operated with tools such as wire brushes which might etch their surface.  Such tools destruct the cover surface, making it vulnerable in corrosion and  thus shortening its lifelong.

Plastic coated tools must be used, which are easily found in the market.  In some cases water cleaning should be performed.  Chemical or acids should by no means be used.

Taking into account all the above mentioned, Diamantis Group offers its clients products of  high quality and performance, aesthetic and most of all energy and money save,  thus taking real action for environmental care and consequently fuel reduction.